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How to Delete Facebook Account: Step-by-Step Guide

Hello wonderful people, welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to delete Facebook account. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about data privacy, and Facebook has come under scrutiny for its handling of user data. If you wish to protect your privacy or simply want to take a break from social media, deleting your Facebook account may be a viable option. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Facebook account, along with its benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s get started!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Deleting Your Facebook Account

Before we dive into the steps on how to delete your Facebook account, let's first discuss the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.

Benefits of Deleting Your Facebook Account

1. Protects Your Privacy: Facebook collects a vast amount of personal data that can be used for targeted advertising. By deleting your account, your data will no longer be used for such purposes.

😊 PRO TIP: You can also review and delete your previous Facebook activity, such as posts, comments, and likes, before deleting your account. This way, you have better control over your online persona.

2. Reduces Digital Clutter: With numerous notifications and news feeds, Facebook can be distracting and time-consuming. By deleting your account, you can declutter your digital life and focus on your personal wellbeing.

😊 PRO TIP: You can also take a break from Facebook using the deactivation feature, which allows you to hide your profile temporarily without deleting it permanently.

3. Increases Security: Facebook can be vulnerable to cyber threats, such as hacking and phishing attacks. By deleting your account, you reduce the risk of such threats.

Drawbacks of Deleting Your Facebook Account

1. No Access to Facebook Services: By deleting your account, you will lose access to Facebook services, such as Messenger, Groups, and Marketplace.

πŸ˜’ CON TIP: If you still want to use Messenger or other services, you can still do so by creating a Messenger account without a Facebook profile.

2. No Access to Facebook Memories: Deleting your account means losing all your Facebook memories, including photos, videos, and posts.

πŸ˜’ CON TIP: Before deleting your account, you can download all your account data, including photos and posts, using the Facebook Download Your Information tool.

3. No Facebook Login on Third-party Sites: If you use Facebook to log in to other websites or apps, deleting your account means losing access to those sites too.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Now that you have weighed the benefits and drawbacks of deleting your Facebook account, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Steps Description
Step 1 Log in to your Facebook account.
Step 2 Click on the down arrow at the top right of the page and choose Settings & Privacy.
Step 3 Click on Settings.
Step 4 Click on Your Facebook Information.
Step 5 Click on Delete Your Account and Information.
Step 6 Enter your password and click on Continue.
Step 7 Click on Delete Account.
Step 8 Your account will be deleted after 14 days. If you log in during this period, your deletion request will be canceled.

Congratulations, you have successfully deleted your Facebook account!

FAQs About Deleting Your Facebook Account

1. Can I reactivate my deleted Facebook account?

No, once you delete your account, it cannot be restored. However, you can create a new account anytime using the same email address or phone number.

2. Is deleting my Facebook account permanent?

Yes, deleting your account is permanent, and you cannot restore it or retrieve any of your data.

3. Does deleting my Facebook account delete my Messenger account too?

Yes, by deleting your Facebook account, you also lose access to your Messenger account and its data.

4. Can I download my Facebook data before deleting my account?

Yes, you can use the Facebook Download Your Information tool to download your data before deleting your account.

5. Does deactivating my Facebook account delete my data?

No, deactivating your account hides your profile and data from other users, but your data remains on Facebook's servers. You can reactivate your account anytime, and your data will reappear.

6. How long does Facebook keep my data after I delete my account?

Facebook keeps your data for up to 90 days after you delete your account, after which it is permanently deleted from its servers.

7. Can I still use Facebook if I delete my account?

No, deleting your account means you lose access to all Facebook services and cannot use it anymore.


We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to delete your Facebook account, along with its benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, the decision to delete your account is a personal one, and it depends on your priorities and preferences. However, by following the step-by-step guide, you can delete your account with ease and protect your privacy online.

So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your data and free yourself from the shackles of social media. Remember, a healthier digital life starts with small steps.

😊Thank you for reading, wonderful people. Stay safe, stay private!


The information provided in this article is for educational and informative purposes only. We do not endorse or promote any particular product or service. Before making any decisions, we recommend that you consult with a professional or do your own research.